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Slip Leasing

Grandpappy Point has a variety of different slips to accommodate your boating needs. We have 35 boathouses with over 800 slips. They range in size from 20’ all the way to 60’!

Dockominiums & Improved Slips

Dockos are not meant to be a place of permanent residence, but more of a weekend/vacation home. It is against Corp of Engineers policy to have liveaboard slips or boats here.

When you purchase a Dockominium or Slip Improvement, you are purchasing the slip improvements only, so you will still have a monthly slip rent associated with whatever size slip the improvements were originally built in.

All of our slips have a minimum of a 1-year lease.

Slip improvements will have a sales tax at closing. Dockos are billed an annual Property Tax from the local tax accessor.

Electric is metered monthly with a $4 minimum; water and trash are both free.

There are some outside vendors that offer additional services in the Marina such as Wifi, camera systems, sensors, T.V. hookup and such.

We would love to have you at our Marina, and I would be more than happy to take you down to show you any slip that you are interested in.

If you would like to schedule a viewing of any of our dockos, slips and/or improvements, please feel free to contact me Wednesday through Sunday from 9am to 5pm at (903)465-6330, or you can email dylan@grandpappy.com.

Storage Rates

Power boat storage is figured on a square foot rate determined by height of roof and width of slip as follows:

Powerboat Slips/Docks
20′ Slip *$175/mo *$1750/yr Docks 20 & 26
20′ Slip *$200/mo *$2000/yr Docks 15, 24 & 32
26′ Slip $255/mo $2550/yr
32′ Slip $340/mo $3400/yr
40′ Slip $500/mo N/A
50′ Slip $625/mo N/A
60′ Slip $750/mo N/A
Sailboat Slips/Docks
20′ Slip $150/mo $1500/yr
26′ Slip $200/mo $2000/yr
30′ Slip $230/mo $2300/yr
35′ Slip $300/mo $3000/yr
40′ Slip $340/mo $3400/yr
45′ Slip $380/mo $3800/yr

* Not all slips are available at this rate.

All slips require a minimum of a one year lease.
All slips have electrical hookups and the charge is a monthly minimum of $4.00. Electrical meters being read each month and the customer is charged for actual kilowatt usage. Water is available on all docks during the summer months. All powerboat slips have covered roofs and all sailboat slips are uncovered.

Courtesy slips are also available at our Fuel Dock. For more information, please call our office at 903-465-6330.

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