Stand Up Paddle Texoma is THE premier destination for all things stand up paddle…and beyond! We are Lake Texoma’s best source to buy or rent stand up paddle boards, paddles and accessories. Additionally, we provide top-level support and training for every age and skill level. Our mission is simple…we want every man, woman and child, no matter their age or athletic ability, to try stand up paddling on Lake Texoma, North Texas’ pristine lake destination. Because of our years of recreation and competition-level stand up paddling, we know first-hand how enjoyable and beneficial stand up paddling can be. Not convinced? Take a stroll through our website and learn a bit more, or give us a quick shout and we guarantee you’ll be on the next board to FUN!

About Us

It’s hard to beat a day on Lake Texoma, you can rely on us at SupTexoma to get you out on the water in minutes. We here at SupTexoma are about having fun, we can provide a beginner with the proper training to ensure a successful stand up paddle boarding experience. SUP is by far one of the most enjoyable and simple ways to spend time on the water, while also getting a terrific workout. It is for that reason we have made it our goal to provide visitors with the tools and training required to keep them fit and in shape for the fun water sports world of SUP.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding originated as a way for Hawaiian locals to take pictures of tourists learning to surf in Waikiki in the early 1960’s and has turned into an all-out phenomenon. Stand Up Paddle Boarding has grown because users can paddle on all types of waterways and needn’t rely on waves to get around. It provides an affordable, family friendly way to spend time in oceans, rivers and lakes.


When you join the ranks of Stand Up Paddlers, you open the door to recreation, fitness and fun! Envision the perfect day on Lake Texoma and take away all the hassle that comes with boating. Leave behind the worries of a trailer and time consuming preparations and enjoy the water in record time. Stand Up Paddle Boarding can best be described as “yoga on water.” It’s completely impact-free and will help improve balance, coordination, strength, endurance all while reducing stress in people of all ages, ability and size.

Also, with SUP you can enjoy leisurely trips on Lake Texoma, exploring and observing the many miles of untouched shoreline it has to offer, if an extreme workout isn’t for you. This laid back approach allows for the entire family to get out and enjoy a new experience. Even during comfortable cruises, your balance improves and core is strengthened without ever noticing.

Within minutes, SupTexoma can equip you for a day on the water. We have anything required in the way of rental services and board services right at your fingertips. Instruction on proper board use is available to everyone and we can assist people of any age in getting out on the water and enjoying a day of Stand Up Paddle Boarding.

How To

As with any type of water sport, there is always some form of preparation and Stand Up Paddling Boarding is no exception. Before you step out onto the water, it’s important to be sure conditions are safe. Perhaps you are a beginner and you think you know if conditions appear right. Be assured, it’s always best to leave that decision to the more experienced canoeists, as they will carefully determine whether conditions are right for paddle boarding!

Things to Determine:
As you begin your new adventure, you have to know if the weather and water conditions are appropriate for paddle boarding. Some of the things to consider are the strength and direction of the wind, the current and expected weather conditions and the water temperature. If you have any doubt about moving forward based on the weather or water conditions, wait to see if the conditions change and improve.

Clothing and Protection:
You may be Paddling boarding on a calm lake but your paddling style and the environment in which you paddle dictate the way you dress. Pay careful attention to the clothing you bring along for your experience and your day will be perfect. For example, pay attention to environmental factors such as cold exposure. During warmer weather, there’s nothing to be concerned about but in colder weather, Hypothermia can occur when there is exposure to cold. Another concern for paddlers is being aware of the water temperature so be sure to dress for conditions. Furthermore, protect your skin from the sun by wearing sun-resistant clothing, hats and sunscreen. It’s also a good idea to dress in layers. You may start out in the morning when the temperature is cool and by afternoon the temperature has warmed up considerably. To alleviate being too hot or too cold, dress in layers so that you can add or remove clothing as conditions change.

Consider Accessories:
When the weather is warm, a hat provides the needed protection from both rain and the sun. If the weather is cold, a hat also helps to keep you warm. When choosing a hat, consider one with a wide brim so that it blocks out the sun/rain. Besides your face to worry about, you should also keep your hands in mind. A paddler’s hands take a lot of abuse from the wind, so be sure to keep your hands as dry as possible. When the day is warm be sure to use a little sunscreen on your hands to protect them from the elements. You might even think about wearing gloves made of nylon or Lycra/Spandex as they provide protection as well as a good grip when you’re paddling.

Protect Your Feet!
Don’t forget about your feet as it’s important to keep your feet dry and warm. Of course on warmer days, your feet are not going to be a problem and so sandals, water slippers or tennis shoes work perfectly. But if you’re going out on a colder day, be sure to wear calf high rubber boots with socks worn inside the boots. Or consider thick soled neoprene booties which will let your feet get wet but they will remain warm.

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